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From: Henry Holderness

Date: August 1st, 2016


Dear Friend,


You’re probably making critical mistakes in your efforts at fly fishing and don’t even know it!


Henry HoldernessThese mistakes will not only harm your chances of catching many fish, you won’t experience the true fun of fly fishing as a result of your lack of success. I’ve trained a lot of people to become fantastic at fly fishing and love passing on the joy of my life long passion. But I have to say, I’m incredibly frustrated at the lack of quality fly fishing guides out there.


Not only are they not comprehensive enough to answer most of the common questions that I get asked to me, but they don’t include enough pictures and some of the skills really require video instruction.



That’s where I come in. I created Fly Fishing From Scratch with the goal in mind of producing the most comprehensive, easy to follow, guide to Fly Fishing. I’ve even included online video lessons to go with my guide to ensure that no stone is left unturned to guarantee your fly fishing success!



Before telling you all about what is in my course, here’s a bit of information about me…


My name is Henry Holderness. I have been a fly-fisherman for over 20 years now. I cannot honestly describe myself as anything other than a fishing fanatic!


I love all forms of fishing, including land-based game fishing for marine species like yellowtail kingfish and snapper, deep-sea fishing, spin-fishing for Chinook salmon, and, of course, fly-fishing for trout. Over the years I have caught a great many trout, and in this book I want to share the things I have learnt about these wonderful sports fish and how to catch them.


I live in the city of Christchurch, which is the largest urban centre in the South Island of New Zealand. However, even though I am a New Zealander, this book is not intended as a guide to fly-fishing in New Zealand.

This book is designed to help you learn more about fly-fishing wherever you are in the world. Of course I will make reference to New Zealand conditions and examples in the course of this book more often than I will to conditions in other places. But always my main aim will be to provide generic information which will be applicable no matter where you are going to be fishing.



Here’s what you’ll learn inside my fantastic Fly Fishing From Scratch course:


Gain total knowledge about the five main types of artificial fly used in fly fishing for trout. This section is well illustrated to back up the detailed information that I give you. You'll know exactly what to use in each type of fly fishing situation to maximize your chances of catching more fish, as well as learn all about my all time favourite flies!
Find out the 5 essential pieces of equipment that you must have as a fly fisherman. Take away any of these basic elements and fly-fishing becomes an almost impossible task.
Find out how to use each of these essential pieces of equipment to the best potential, so that you can maximize the number of fish that you catch in your available time.
You'll learn how to shoot the fly line forward through the air with greater speed and accuracy.
***Fly casting is a very difficult thing to describe using words and drawings alone. YES I do describe it in detail and provide fantastic illustrations in my book, but I've gone the extra step. I've recorded some special ONLINE VIDEOS for you to watch so that you can see EXACTLY how to fly cast! Because it is only when you actually see an experienced caster practising the art that you fully get an idea about how to do it yourself.***
Ever wondered why there are different rod weights? You'll learn why this is so and how to make best use of each of the different types of rod, both in your decision as to which rods to buy and when you are out fishing. Hint: Rod weights are NOT related to fish weight - you don't need a big rod to catch a big fish.
Discover which fly rod "action" you need to use for what type of rod and why.
Like so many styles of fishing rod, fly rods usually come in more than one piece. In other words, before you can use the rod, you have to assemble it. Find out the exact differences between 2 piece and 4 piece rods... and which rod is best for you and why!
Learn all about fly rod handles. This is essential if you want a handle that lasts longer and is more pleasant on your hands.
For all you beginners out there, discover what my recommended novice fly fisher rod is. I give you exact specifications and explain why this is the best rod for beginner fly fishers to start off with.
Find out the difference between floating and sinking lines and which is best for the location that you are fishing in.
A recent development in technology has seen the emergence of the "sink-tip" fly line. This is a normal floating fly line which turns into a sinking line in its final two of three metres. You'll learn the benefits of these types of lines and what locations and scenarios they are best used in.
See my detailed explanation of the different fly line configurations so that you know what's best if you want to fly fish on windy conditions, such as on rivers, versus still conditions, such as on lakes.
Discover a number of different kinds of fish that you can catch by fly fishing
Find out the one essential piece of fly-fishing tackle where these days you can actually get very good quality for a very low price. It is good to know that you can save a bit of money on something of quality!

Discover the secrets of feathered lures and how to use them to their ultimate potential!
Find out the optimal amount of "backing" that you should have under your fly line, and why. You need backing because it creates a 'bed' for the fly line to rest on and it provides a whole lot of extra line in case you hook a very big fish that runs a long way out when you're playing it, yet if there is too much backing on the reel, the spool will overflow when you put the fly line over the top! This is essential information.
Learn all about top-quality fly reels and the issue of 'drag'.
Find out one thing that you must know when buying a reel! Miss this and you will struggle to catch any fish at all.
Discover in detail the different methods for attaching your trace to your fly line - and your fly to your trace. This is vital knowledge that you can't do without! Also you'll find out how long your trace needs to be and why.
Find out what a tapered trace is and how they can help you to cast better. Also find out the main problem with tapered traces and how to solve it so that you get the best use out of them throughout the day. It's quite an easy fix, but it makes your fly-fishing success a whole lot better!
Why "wind knots" suddenly appear in your trace and what to do about it to get back on track as soon as possible!
The biggest mistake that most people make when assembling their rod and what to do about it! Make this mistake and your casting distance will be severely impaired.
Despite the fact that trout are shy creatures which are easily 'spooked', wild trout are fearsome predators. Find out everything you need to know about the 'fly' and all the different types of fly that I have in my fly-box. You'll also discover some of the flies used to catch other species of fish such as salmon and bone fish.
The five VITAL rules for stalking trout on a bank. Don't follow these and you are seriously harming your potential to catch fish.
The important thing that you must do when threading the rod with line. Fail to do this and you will deprive yourself of the rod's full power when casting and playing fish.
Once you have decided on and purchased a suitable set of basic equipment, you still have to put it all together before you can head out and catch a fish. It is crucial to rig your equipment up correctly - otherwise you’ll end up with nothing but tangles and frustrations on the river bank. The good news is I show you in easy to follow step-by-step detail how to do all of this so that it becomes second nature and you'll be able to rig up your equipment like a pro within a matter of minutes and dismantle it quickly as well!



I stand behind Fly Fishing From Scratch as a superb way to learn how to fly fish quickly and easily... And if you have any doubts, read these comments from my customers around the world:



"...You have covered every topic that a novice will need, to get him into some fish. Even the hardcore fisherfolk will get some enlightenment from the publication..."


RolandHi Henry,

If ever the timing of receiving something was perfect, this would be that occasion. I have recently introduced a 60 year old friend of mine into the beautiful world of fly fishing. Having read through your book, I came to realise that all I need to do is let him read it as there is nothing that I could teach him which has not been covered in the book. What I enjoyed was the fact that it is well-written and flows. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the terms.



Even my two girls will benefit from reading it. You have covered every topic that a novice will need, to get him into some fish. Even the hardcore fisherfolk will get some enlightenment from the publication. A really good read and a book to remind you of some overlooked tactics and spruce up your arsenal a bit more while targetting that elusive little foe of ours!

Thanks again

Roland Oelofse
Cape Town, South Africa


"... I was amazed at how implementing just a few of Henry's techniques improved my overall fly fishing experience. ..."



Over the years I have read a couple books about Fly Fishing, but felt that none really improved or helped my fly fishing skills considerably. That was until I came across Fly Fishing From Scratch, which I quickly downloaded and read in one night. It was so easy to follow and the great illustrations and diagrams really helped to reinforce what you were teaching.

I immediately started putting into practice what I had learnt and I was amazed at how implementing just a few of your techniques improved my overall fly fishing experience.


I would recommend Fly Fishing From Scratch to everyone who has every wanted to take up the sport or looking for a way to improve on their skills.

Well done Henry keep up the good work

Richard Stark
Twizel, New Zealand


"... I really think it is superbly written in a way that everyone can understand ..."


RolandHi Henry,

I want to thank you for your E-book. I really think it is superbly written, in a way that everyone can understand. I am about as much of a fishing fanatic as I am into photography, although I'm not yet an expert flyfisher. In South Africa, streams and rivers worth flyfishing are few and far apart. Good luck with your book, and I'm sure it will sell very well.





Andre Kruger
South Africa


"... What a great read, the book is very informational for us beginners ..."


RolandHello Henry

What a great read - the book is very informational for us beginners. I did learn a lot of terminology that has perplexed me for the last 2 years. I now chase steelhead down the Rogue River in Oregon with my 7wt flyrod.

Boy it's exciting to hang on to one of these fish!


Thanks again for the book
Mike Masters
Oregon, USA


"... Superb read, a must for fishers ..."


RolandHi Henry,
Thanks for this book you have written, it's fantastic and covers most questions a new fly fisher would want to know. I have even posted an article in a fly fishing forum for newbies in the sport advertising your book, hope you don’t mind.

I really enjoyed reading it!

Superb read, a must for fishers.



Well done

Dave Nel
Uitenhage, Eastern Cape
South Africa


"...I have printed the ebook out and carry it with me for bank side reference..."


Arther ClarkDear Henry,

As I am very new to fly fishing I found your ebook to be very informative and a massive help to me in every aspect of my new hobby. I found the book very easy to understand and the pictures and diagrams most helpful. It has made a big difference to my fishing in such a short time - I'm now on the bank putting double the catch into my net.

I have printed the ebook out and carry it with me for bank side reference. The book is excellent I cant wait for updates - please keep me informed.



Arthur Clark


"...I am certain that the basics from your book will make my trips to the waters of the vaal much more fruitful...."


Arther ClarkHi Henry

I am a self made fly fisher, and if there is one thing I learnt from your book is that one day you wake up and see that one doesn't even know the basics! I was looking for a book on tying knots on the flys themselves and came across your book ... I ended up learning a lot about doing the basics of fly fishing right. I am certain that the basics from your book will make my trips to the waters of the vaal much more fruitful.

Thanks for a great book

South Africa

P.S I have included some of the small mouth yellows caught here in South Africa.


"...I wish I had it 20 years ago before I learned the hard way...."


Arther ClarkHenry,

I had a chance to read your Fly Fishing From Scratch over the last few days. Great book, I wish I had it 20 years ago before I learned the hard way.


I was surprised that the chapter on flies applied equally well to Colorado, my home waters.


This book is for anyone, anywhere, who wants to get started in fly fishing.


JD Leonard


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s a whole lot more covered in Fly Fishing From Scratch! You’ll also learn...



All about the various kinds of knots used in fly fishing, what kind of loop to tie and when, whether you are tying them yourself, or purchasing fly lines with a small loop built-in at the tip.
Find out the kind of fly box that I use and why I recommend this type versus other types.
Learn all you need to know about the various secondary fly fishing equipment, why you need them, which the best ones are to choose for each condition and how to use them. This section covers: Polaroid glasses, fly boxes, spare trace - spools and tapered traces, strike indicators, scissors or clippers, dry fly floatant, landing net, bags, hats, sunscreen, suitable footwear, suitable clothing and more!
All about the various kinds of knots used in fly fishing, what kind of loop to tie and when, whether you are tying them yourself, or purchasing fly lines with a small loop built-in at the tip.
WARNING: Over the years, expert fly anglers have created a whole raft of different casting techniques. You will hear of “the figure of 8” and the “snake roll” and so on. I would warn you, especially if you are a beginner angler, to avoid getting caught up in this maze of different casting methods. I show you EXACTLY how to cast for MAXIMUM success by concentrating solidly on the basics. See it in my book, and watch my online video that goes with it so you can see me in action and copy what I do. (Having said that, I do teach advanced casting techniques as well for those of you who are experienced)
You'll learn vital information about the places where wild trout spend their time. It’s very important to be able to look at a river or a lake and decide where the trout are most likely to be. This way, you won’t waste your time with bad water and unlikely spots and so you’ll catch more fish!
Stalking Trout: one of the things that makes fly-fishing so much fun is that often you find yourself casting to a fish that you can actually see! In this exciting section, you'll learn how to approach those likely-looking bits of water in a river or a lake - and what to look for in them! In other words, this section is about finding the fish themselves, not about locating potentially good water.
Looking for trout in a river or lake is called ‘spotting’. Spotting trout is great because it enables you to cast to a fish and then watch to see if he takes your fly or ignores it. If you know where the fish is before you start casting, then naturally you are able to make your cast very accurate indeed. In Fly Fishing From Scratch, you'll discover the 9 most important factors in spotting trout, why they are important and how to use them to your advantage!
See my specific fly fishing situation section and learn all my secrets about how to fish a trout river and how to fish a still water.
How to fly fish with more than one fly. By mastering this you'll maximize your chances of catching more fish in situations where there's not a lot of sunlight hitting the water.
I often forget to buy a new tapered cast before I head out for a day’s fishing. Either that, or I head out believing I have several of them in my bag when in fact I’ve completely run out of the darn things! In this kind of situation, it is possible to fashion a makeshift tapered cast... I show you how.
When you are rigging up your rod and line and tying on flies, it’s always important to think about whether or not your rig is balanced and whether or not things are properly in proportion. Find out all about this and what to do in my section on the issues of balance, length and size.
No two days on the river are alike. Weather and water conditions are constantly changing. And the positions in which the fish lie change all the time too. This means that to be a successful fly-fisherman, you need to be able to cast in different ways depending on the prevailing conditions. Discover all about this and what to do to maximize your fish catching potential in my amazing "Advanced Casting Techniques" section! (Accompanied by online videos)
Learn everything you need to know about flies used for trout, salmon and other species!
Find out my 5 all-time favorite nymph imitations. To be honest, I fish with dry flies whenever possible. I find it a bit more exciting than nymph fishing. But sometimes dry fly fishing just isn’t viable. And when I do find myself needing to use a nymph, it’s bound to be one of the five in this list.
Discover my top tactics for fishing with a feathered lure.


And that’s not all!...


The great news about this being an online, instant download, e-book is that it means that I can update it regularly and all you need to do to download the latest edition is log back into the members area (which you gain lifetime access to as a member of fly fishing from scratch).


So, how much for instant access to Fly Fishing From Scratch, including lifetime updates AND the bonus online videos that you can access from within the members area?


Before selling Fly Fishing From Scratch to the general public, I gave away 30 copies to different aspiring Fly Fishermen in order to gather testimonials and find out what needed improving. I also asked them what price they felt was reasonable for the ebook + online videos.


The average price that I received back was just over $50.


Now I’m a strong believer in over delivering and under charging. And with that in mind, I’ve decided to price Fly Fishing From Scratch for a very reasonable $19.


And for a limited time, I’m throwing in unlimited free email consultations with your order. I’m including service this for free (which takes up a lot of my time) because I want to guarantee your fly fishing success. It also lets me know if more is needed to be added to my book which I want to be regarded by everyone as the best fly fishing resource in the world.


Yes! I want to gain instant download access to
Fly Fishing From Scratch Right Now!

(Note: Price Valid Until Midnight Monday, August 29th 2016 Only)

Software Box

I understand that by signing up for $19, I’ll gain access to:


  • Fly Fishing From Scratch instant download ebook.
  • Fly Fishing From Scratch members area, including fly fishing videos.
  • Unlimited fly fishing email consultation.


I also understand that Fly Fishing From Scratch is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. All I need to do is send an email to say that I’m not satisfied (for any reason, even if it is because I don’t like the pictures) and I’ll receive my money back.






Please note: Once you have ordered you do not have to download everything straightaway. You will be given a password to re-enter the Members Area at any time.


So there you have it. My lifetime’s achievement in fly fishing for $19.


I trust that you’ll gain as much enjoyment and success from the sport as I do!


Your Friend,

Henry Holderness



P.S. If you don’t decide to take action right now, how and when will you go ahead and guarantee your fly fishing success?


P.P.S. Here are some more of the many success stories that I have received from around the world… Will you be next?


"...I now feel confident enough to take my first foray into this sport very soon..."



Just a quick note to say how useful your on-line book was. As a complete novice to both fresh & salt water fly fishing, I now feel confident enough to take my first foray into this sport very soon (weather permitting).


Good luck & thanks


Keith Brown
Thames Estuary, England


"...Every time I go out fishing I read a part of it and try to apply the knowledge in my fishing..."



I found this ebook very useful. Every time I go out fishing I read a part of it and try to apply the knowledge in my fishing.

I certainly recommend this ebook for the new, as well as the more experienced fisherman as a reference book. I'll be glad if you guys place in your web page more ebooks of this kind..


Best Regards


Jose T. Gomez M.
Mexico City, Mexico


"...all in all gives the beginner the confidence to go out there and experience first hand that 'tight line' sensation for themselves..."


Hi Henry,

As somebody who is very new to the sport, it's been very encouraging to find a book that answers the beginner's questions both in a simplistic and practical way, with particular focus on the varied casting techniques, difference in fly types, variation in fishing line and the terrain in which fish may present themselves, all in all giving the beginner the confidence to go out there and experience first hand that 'tight line' sensation for themselves......




Louis Duffy
O'Callaghan's Mills, Ireland


"... At last one book that answers all the questions that I have been too embarrassed to ask or can't find solutions to..."



I have been fly fishing on and off for the last six years, and have been progressing slowly and this ebook is a godsend. At last one book that answers all the questions that I have been too embarrassed to ask or can't find solutions to in my vast collection of literature that I have accumulated.


Thank you very much


Ian Massey


"...I would recommend it to anyone starting out as a 'must read'..."


Dear Henry,

Your ebook is factual, informative and easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone starting out as a 'must read'. However I still prefer a fiberglass over carbon graphite rod.






"..I enjoyed reading your book.."



I enjoyed reading your book. The sections on reading a river, and stalking and spotting trout in the water were particularly entertaining and informative.


Michael Tu


"...Whether your interests are those of a beginner or alternatively of a more advanced application, this book has something for you..."



Bearing in mind this reader knows absolutely nothing about fishing whatsoever, I found the book most informative. Indeed it covered most, if not all, areas relating to the majority of questions and corresponding answers, one would require to venture successfully into this pastime. Whether your interests are those of a beginner or alternatively of a more advanced application, this book has something for you. Additionally the author has taken time to write the book in such a way as to show not only his
own enthusiasm and pleasure for the art - because let’s face it fly fishing in particular is an entity unto itself in the world of angling, but endeavours to maintain the reader’s enthusiasm for wanting to know more, right up until the last page.

Despite the above however, the style of writing is very straightforward, easy to understand and I would recommend it to all those, like myself, who have always promised themselves that one day they would have a go, but have hesitated because of the so called ‘mystic’ surrounding this activity. Such mystic if ever existed has now been dispelled.




"...As a newcomer to the fly fishing fraternity, your book is an invaluable source of knowledge..."


Dear Henry,


As a newcomer to the fly fishing fraternity your book is an invaluable source of knowledge.

Certainly without it I wouldn’t have had a clue where to begin and what to acquire!!!!


Definitely a MUST for all beginners.




Matty C
South Africa


"...made the jargon of fly fishing easier to understand..."



I haven't finished yet but am finding the book to be very useful with lots of information. As a new comer to fly fishing this book has answered nearly all of my questions, and made the jargon of fly fishing easier to understand.




"...Thank you for showing me the correct way to read the water..."


Good morning Henry,

The ebook helps me to identify the hot spots, and my fishing is 100% better. I’m in South Africa and love to fish Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellow fish. I also learned to pick my flies better.

I strive to fish every second weekend. My big challenge now is the winter and the change in water temperatures.
Thank you for showing me the correct way to read the water.



W.E. Bezuidenhout
South Africa